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To the Home of the Life Safety Organization
  • Life Safety Organization is a group of contractors, consultants, manufacturers, and associates who manufacture, install, service, inspect and maintain fire resistance rated and smoke resistant compartmentation and many other fire protection features for fire and life safety in buildings.

  • The Life Safety Organization committees provide a body of knowledge for each discipline, research, and education. Join a committee!

  • For fire resistance rated and smoke resistant compartmentation systems, sprinklers, detection and alarms, information about managing people in the compartment....spend time with us on lifesafetyorganziation.org!!

  • The Life Safety Organization Events bring education front and center. Don't miss them.

LSO Board of Directors

Bill Koffel, FSPE, Chair
Tony Fontana, Treasurer
Angela Timperio, Director
Pat Tesche, Director

The Life Safety Organization Committees Need You!

Email us to volunteer.

LSO's Board is planning Education, Seminars, Webinars and more...

Check back shortly for details...



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